Diplomatic Wing

The Diplomatic Wing of this Consulate General performs the following activities, apart from the assignment of Hajj operation and labour problems:

Rendering consular services to Bangladeshi nationals.
Extend protocol assistance to VVIP, VIPs and government delegations.
Supply information materials related to trade and commerce to concerned authorities of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia for     the development of trade relations between the two countries.
Represent Bangladesh to various International Organization like OIC, IDB, etc..
Conduct various examinations like junior scholarship examinations for Class-V and
Class VIII students, S.S.C. and H.S.C. examinations.
Arrange meetings of Bangladeshi businessmen with their Saudi counterparts as well as their visit to mills, factories etc.

Labour Wing

Examine the genuineness of visas of incoming Bangladeshi nationals.
Realize the death compensation money of dead Bangladeshi through court cases.
Negotiate the labour disputes in Labour Courts and Governor’s Office in different cities of Western Region of
    Saudi Arabia.
Arrange local burial and repatriation of dead bodies of Bangladeshi nationals.
Examine the genuineness of employment visas for Bangladeshi nationals as well as filed verification of company’s     existence and others.
Attestation of employment visa.
Deals with all kind of labour disputes with the authority concerned.

Passport and Visa Wing

Issuance of new passports and reissue/renewal of passports to Bangladeshi nationals.
Issuance of visas to foreign nationals.

Sonali Bank

Assist expatriates Bangladesh community in far flung Ares of the Kingdom to remit their money through banking     channel.
Encourage Bangladeshi expatriates to open bank account in Bangladesh and remit their money through this account.
Advise and encourage Bangladeshi expatriates to purchase Wage Earners’ Development Bond, receive Bank Drafts for     the purchase of bonds directly from the expatriate and send the same to Bangladesh through Diplomatic Bag for     issuance of Wage Earners’ Development Fund Certificate.
Motivate expatriate Bangladesh not to send their money through unofficial channel and to remit their money through     Bank/Exchange House.
Communicate with the local banks to solve different problems arises at the time of remitting the money.