Problem with Employers
  1. Negotiation with Employers and/or their agents by visiting Labour camps and employer's offices
  2. Legal assistance to workers through labour courts and other concerned Saudi Government Agencies.
  3. Financial assistance to destitute workers.
  4. Visiting deportation camps/BRIMAN (prison)/TARHIL to identify illegal Bangladeshi workers.
  5. Aid to stranded workers
  6. Repatriation of illegal Bangladeshi workers
Welfare of expatriate Bangladeshi Community
  1. Issuance of Transfer of Residence Certificate
  2. Writing letters to concerned Bangladeshi Govt. Ministries/Agencies about problems of Bangladeshi expatriate at home.
  3. Counseling.
  4. Attestation of documents in connection with UNCC money
  5. Miscellaneous.
Prmotional works to expand job opportunities for Bangladeshi Nationals
  1. Meeting with concerned Saudi government officials to share information.
  2. Visiting existing and potential big Companies to appraise them about Bangladeshi workforce.
  3. Distribution of booklets and promotional materials obtained from MOEW&OE, BMET, BAIRA and BOESL.
  4. Informal promotional activities.
Management of Wage Earner's Welfare Fund
  1. Accounts and cash book maintenance
  2. Monthly Expenditure reports and statements to the Ministry