Attestation of Visa

Papers required for the attestation of the visa are:

• Number of visa issued from the Saudi Labour Ministry against Bangladeshi mentioning the profession
• Demand letter given to the Bangladesh Recruiting Agency from the Employer mentioning the number of workers with profession, salary and other facilities
• Demand letter duly attested from the Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia.
• A prescribed form to be submitted to the Labour Wing at the Consulate General of Bangladesh, Jeddah, KSA.

Print Work Visa Attestation Form

The Labour Wing plays the role of coordinator and facilitator by providing guidance and necessary assistance to the non resident Bangladeshis living in the Saudi Arabia.
  Service provided by Labour Wing

The services cover different welfare aspects including:

1. Authentication and verification of employment contracts
2. Attestation of documents pertaining to recruitment from Bangladesh
3. Counseling and assistance to Bangladeshi workers in settling disputes with employer
4. Registration of death of a Bangladeshi national.
5. Assistance in follow up work with sponsors and local authorities for the earliest burial/transportation to Bangladesh of     mortal     remains.
6. Issue of No Objection Certificate for the local burial or transportation to Bangladesh of mortal remains of deceased     Bangladeshi nationals.
7. Assistance to the deceased family in claiming death compensation due to traffic accident deaths.
8. Attending various Shariah Courts for the settlement of death compensation claims of deceased Bangladeshi nationals    who     authorise the Embassy with their Power of Attorney.
9. Realisation of death compensation claims and regular dues of a deceased from concerned authorities and remit the     money to     Bangladesh to the next of kin of deceased Bangladeshi nationals, through Bureau of Manpower and     Employment Training     (BMET).
10. Attending Labour Courts to assist the Bangladeshi nationals in settlement of their legal claims against the sponsor.